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March Reddit Talk schedule - Wednesdays at 2 PM PST/5 PM EST - Join us for all-new Reddit Talk experiences!


Hello, everyone! We're back this March with another round of exciting talks!

At the start of the month, we'll be talking about a subject that affects everyone: Your health! It can be hard to stay healthy in our society, especially with how expensive healthcare is and how America ties healthcare to employment. How do you do it? Come by on March 1 to learn more!

Then, after another of our famed Open Mic Nights on March 8, we have a back-to-back feature on some of the core components of our economy. Education prepares us for the workforce, and agriculture keeps workers fed, but is there more to life than the pursuit of work? This being r/antiwork, the answer is obviously a resounding "yes!" Join us on March 15 and 22 for some exciting discussion on these topics before unwinding with another Open Mic Night on March 29.

All talks run from 2 PM PST/5 PM EST to 6 PM PST/9 PM EST. Please note that the 4 hour time limit is a guideline, not a hard rule. Weeks may run slightly longer or shorter depending on circumstances.

March 1 - Health Week

March 8 - Open Mic Night

March 15 - Education Week

March 22 - Agriculture Week

March 29 - Open Mic Night

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F-ck 60+ retirement age

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From a Frenchman protester to my American fellows: you guys can ABSOLUTELY do the same thing we're doing, if not better.


Hey there guys, bonjour tout le monde.

I've been part of the protest in Paris for a week now, and although it's really getting more and more difficult (the police, the tear gas, the failed attempts at dividing us...) I'm still pumped, and so are millions of us.

In fact, we're already organizing a next wave of protests with people who were not around (so the millions of us who did can rest a bit) in order not to let this thing die down.

I often come to this subreddit, since there's a lot of kindred spirits around, and I simply wanted to say something:

You people can definitely do as well, if not better than us: you have the numbers, you have the guts, the vision, and the will to do it, there's no way you don't with everything your government is making you go through. It's not about wages, I know salaries in America are significantly higher: it's about basic rights and respect for human lives. If our our own government suddenly started to try and do to us the same thing they do to you...we'd really go for the kill this time, and they know it.

I don't believe for a second that you can't do the same thing, it's just that our cultures are different and that you've been told that work was everything and that one should be happy about doing it until one's death , which probably leads to a significantly bigger resilience than us when it comes to dealing with bullshit...but when a majority of American workers suddenly go "I've had enough of this shit, I'm coming for you assholes"...man, the billionaires in your country are going to shit their pants.

We have a saying in France: "beware of the silent guy who's never been violent his entire life, because when he suddenly is, then he's coming for your life." I think that pretty much sums up the American people. The day you revolt against your masters, it's going to be an awful day for them.

I wish you guys the best, send you all of my respect, and hope we'll one day be able to fight these fucked up people on a global scale.

Take care America, your leaders suck, but you people rule.

nb: Bonjour à mes compatriotes Français qui trainent dans le coin ;-)

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No one should hold tremendous wealth when majority of working class just struggle to servive

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Way Beyond That With A Living Wage.

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My old company wants to sue me for not providing password information - 4 years after they fired me!


I was the manager of a network engineering team for a medium/large sized for 20 years and was terminated in 2019. We had various passwords for routers depending on line of business the routers belonged to. My team had the administrative passwords stored in a secure, electronic password vault. Fast forward to last week when something got into the routers and locked everyone out, now they need the admin passwords but apparently the vault was taken offline and removed two years ago. Apparently half their business is at a standstill and they can’t make payroll until this is fixed. They called me demanding the passwords and when I couldn’t produce them, they the wanted to sue me. What a bunch of assholes. First they fired me they want to sue me 4 years later. Laughable. Only in America.

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Healthcare is tethered to work to keep you working.

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Job told me my boyfriend needs to stop picking me up because he is non white.


I work as a bartender and sometimes my shifts go as long as 4 am. I live two blocks away from my work in a safe-ish neibourhood. But when my shift ends after midnight my boyfriend sets an alarm and picks me up. He usually comes with his sleep clothes which are basically old clothes he has, he is also half black. He waits at the door of the bar for 5-10ish minutes. The bar I work at is also a very expensive one with a clientele of rich young people.

Today my supervisor set me aside and told me my boyfriend either has to stop picking me up from work or wait from me at the corner of the block, because "he doesn't fit the bar aestetic" and he's "seen how the clients look at him or how he pushes them away". I am so angry but there is nothing I can do about it.

Guys I appreciate all the comments offering a course of legal action but 1. I live in Argentina, laws against discrimination are few to say the least. 2. I have no money to start legal action and this is probably the only job that fits my student schedule and gives me a livable wage I can find, risking it wouldn't be smart of me. 3. I am not even a legal worker??. I don't know if this is common on other countries but here because taxes are so high at least 30% of positions are just under talked contract, this happens especially on informal/temporary jobs for young people like mine and more even in the culinary industry. So yeah I will probably ask my boss if there is any difference if my boyfriend came in on more formal attire just to see the reaction and ask my boyfriend to stay on the corner ;(

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No Living Wage Either.

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Man, fuck that

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Maybe it should be a wake up call to pay more and offer good benefits 🤔 😕

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I thought it was the Avocado toast that was dooming my chance of retirement 🤔

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Manager called my emergency contact number (my parents landline) at 3am to see if I can cover daylight shift after a call off.

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It's Sunday night. The night before most of us go back to the places we hate most. Sucks that we live like this.


That is all.

Feel free to join and complain.

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I love Gen Z and Millenials


I've been watching this new generation completely shake up the way things are and its fabulous. It s so nice to see the changes. Like no more 2 week notices. Wows this was a huge no no back in the day but why? Employers dont give you a 2 weeks. Younger gens say fuck that noise 2 day notices as in I quit today motherfucker.

The career chase is dead. Who the fuck has time for a career when we're working to survive.

Mental health days are starting to become more normalized but here in the states it wont be widely acceptable for some time. However progress is being made.

People slamming interviews for being shit and not offering pay.

I feel like this a change no other generation has seen. We dont just do what our parents did, we dont just follow culture for culture sake, we ask questions,we aren't as tolerant to shit as previous gens, and say fuck it when its deserved.

No offenses to good boomers with common sense and basic math skills.

Keep it up somethings gotta change this isnt sustainable.

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"Okay guys, hear me out: Maybe child labor is a good thing."

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I absolutely hate posts like this from social media investors

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I always see stuff like this on my feed on various social media platforms. Glorifying exploiting people who just need somewhere to live.

People like this are also contributing to the housing crisis by constantly buying up property to rent out, shrinking the avaliable stock to buy.

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Timberland Reveals the Depressing Truth

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Marseille carnival protesters dance around the fire while chanting slogans against retirement reform (@RicardParreir)

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Millennials and gen Z are slowly giving power back to the working class.


Just by saying no I quit I'm not doing that and No I'm not taking your slave wage job for no money.This is more powerful than following the boomers out dated rules that only give power to the elite and big corporate.

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A group of bees take revenge on a giant hornet for eating one of them

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A pure propaganda piece written by a boomer reminiscing about the 70s

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Mom’s in the hospital? Sorry, you’re fired!

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How a 44-year-old built up enough 'f--k you money' to retire early. Ans. Have parents pay for college, have a high earning job, marry someone with a high earning job and have no medical issues. If they can do it, you can do it too!


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I used ChatGPT to pass a virtual job interview


I've been browsing Indeed lately, wanting to get away from my toxic crappy job, just applying to high-paying positions without really thinking I'd get a callback. To my surprise, I landed an interview for one of those positions totaling around $75,000/yr, and I couldn't believe it. The thing is, I felt under-qualified and overwhelmed, so I decided to take some desperate measures.

I stretched the truth a bit on my resume, making my experience seem just a bit more impressive than it actually was. Then, during the online Zoom interview, I had ChatGPT running in the background to help me answer the questions. I would type the questions in, and it would generate convincing responses that made me sound like the perfect candidate.

Throughout the interview, I found myself relying on ChatGPT more and more, and the guilt began to set in. Despite my dishonesty, I ended up receiving a job offer today. I should be thrilled, but instead, I feel like a total fraud.

Now I'm facing a dilemma: should I accept the job and try to learn the skills on the fly, or should I come clean and risk losing the opportunity? I'm curious to know if anyone else has been in a similar situation and how they handled it.

TL;DR: I found a high-paying job on Indeed, lied on my resume, and used ChatGPT to help me answer questions during the online Zoom interview. Now I have a job offer, but I'm wracked with guilt and unsure of what to do.

Edit: To those asking how they didn’t notice me typing and accounting for the delay, i slightly tilted my webcam up so they wouldn’t see my hands. I am also able to type super quick (90 wpm) without looking at my keyboard, aka touch typing. I had the premium chatgpt subscription and it granted me super fast responses

Edit 2: Thanks for the advice all, i will probably end up taking the job. Worst comes to worst I’ll just go back to my old one. To those curious, it is for a national bank

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It’s okay you’re depressed. You’re a zoo animal.


I want to make it clear right now, I hate that you are suffering. It is not normal to have this level of anxiety and depression blanket our lives.

We are creatures trapped in an unnatural system.

Zoochosis - a form of psychosis that develops in animals held captive in zoos.

In zoo animals this behavior is exhibited by monotonous, obsessive, repetitive actions. Birds pulling out their feathers. Bears swaying back and forth. Nonstop pacing.

Animals in captivity have these behaviors because they are placed in systems that do not serve their needs by humans.

We manifest many negative behaviors living in this system of our own design. Rather than see what the zoo does to us, the blame is on us. We say it is wrong disobedience to what does not serve our needs, born into captivity.

Would not the despair that plagues us be lifted if we were free from our zoo? If we were animals in a zoo… what is our first step to escape.

If you have no clue, do not fret.

We will work together. Begin to imagine what life should be like outside of this zoo.

The mistrust and isolation is part of the zoo. The animals who weather it better have strong social bonds, where mutually they work together to make sure their needs are met.

When we can meet our own needs, our keepers lose hold over us.

To shake off the shackles, we have to see them.