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Horse Diving Sport in 1923 Video

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u/Tiny_Cranberry_7365 Oct 01 '22

What in the absolute hell!


u/mackinoncougars Oct 02 '22

Reminder how weird horse people are.


u/welpHereWeGoo Oct 02 '22

I think horse people don't condone this abuse


u/AliPacinoReturns Oct 02 '22

Horse people are the only people doing this…


u/welpHereWeGoo Oct 02 '22

No. It's just men who don't care about their animals


u/Skitzonthefritz Oct 02 '22

men ? you mean humans correct because not only is the main people that DO take care of their animals male but I notice a lotta women quick to adopt an exotic without even knowing how to care for it. I want a hyena know everything there is to know about caring for that vicious creature know a girl that wants a lemur doesn't even know wtf it eats


u/Xaqv Oct 02 '22

Hey, she might be my girl friend? She did say, when pressed, probably lemur food. And that hyena care? Best to have a sense of humor, I’d imagine?